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Cost of Grading

International Grading Service offer one of the lowest Cost of Grading pricing structures in the industry.  Pricing below does not include “Return Shipping and Handling Costs” and “Return Shipping Insurance Costs”.  Unlike many of our competitors we do not have any hidden costs or clubs to join to have your collectable items graded by us.  IGS produces products of the highest quality offered in today’s market place for a very low reasonable price.   This is always accomplished without sacrificing an accurate grade of your collectables.   

Grading Service Pricing
Level of Service Number of Items (Price Each Item)
1-9 10-49 50-999 1000+
15 Day Service $5 $4.50 $4 call
5 Day Service $7 $6 $5 call


  Return Shipping Return Shipping Insurance Cost  

The customer is responsible for the cost of the return shipping and handling of their finished graded collectables.  Cards are shipped back via UPS only.  Please no PO boxes. 

Return Shipping &
Handling Rates
1-19 Items $9.95
20-99 Items $16.95
100+ Items $19.95

IGS requires Return Shipping Insurance on all Submissions.  Shipping Insurance is to protect our customer’s collectables while in transit back to them after grading.  Shipping Insurance covers costs for reasons of items being lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit back to our customers.  Insurance costs are based on the dollar value our customers believe their collectables hold.  

Cost of Insurance
$0 - $100 $8.50
$101 - $500 $9.25
$501 - $1000 $12.00
$1001 - Over Please Call


Calculating Total Cost

Calculating Total Costs is simple and easy.   To add the total cost of grading your collectables, simply add the only three fees together;   Cost of Grading , Cost of Return Shipping Insurance and Cost of Return Shipping and Handling.  IT’S THAT EASY!!

Number of Items  ________
Cost per Item for Grading $_______
Total cost of grading (Line 1 & 2) $_______
Return Shipping Insurance Cost
(See Return Shipping Insurance Cost Above)

Return Shipping & Handling Cost
(See Return Shipping Above)

6 Total Payment to Enclose
(Add lines 3, 4 & 5)
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